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Microsoft Forged an Actual Jade Controller

By Xueyang
Jun. 29, 2023 updated 09:25

The Jade ControllerThe Jade Controller

To commemorate the arrival of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox, Microsoft has created a special edition Xbox controller made entirely of jade. In a video shared by Xbox, viewers can witness the intricate process of crafting the controller, which involved skilled jade craftsman Andy Chi using specialized equipment.

Chi expressed his pride in creating a jade product that would be cherished and preserved for a long time. However, making the world's first jade video game controller presented its challenges. After spending nearly a week cutting two of the controller's shell pieces, Chi discovered cracks and had to start over multiple times.

Andy Chi holding the jade controllerAndy Chi holding the jade controller

In addition to ensuring the controller's durability, Chi also had to make sure that the jade surface remained comfortable for players and allowed for all the necessary functionality. He explained that the directional buttons were designed to avoid direct contact with the jade, instead making contact with plastic to prevent damage during extended gameplay.

Unlike Xbox's other unique and sometimes peculiar one-of-a-kind controllers, such as the fluffy Sonic the Hedgehog ones released last year, the jade controller will not be available for sale. However, it joins the company's efforts to celebrate Earth Day by announcing an Xbox wireless controller made partially from reclaimed CDs, water jugs, and other recycled Xbox controller parts.

Source: IGN