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Defendants Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Illegal Sale of Cheat Program in Game for Peace

By Xueyang
Jul. 1, 2023 updated 06:35

On June 29th, Kunshan People's Court publicly sentenced the defendants He Mouliang and Wang Mouduan in the criminal case of illegal sale of a cheat program for the game "Game For Peace". Both defendants were convicted of copyright infringement and sentenced to four years in prison, along with a fine of 20 million CNY. Additionally, illegal gains and interests will be confiscated.

After the trial, Kunshan People's Court found that from September 2018 to January 2021, the defendants, He and Wang, along with others, conspired with overseas cheat program operators through overseas chat software. They set up websites and used Bitcoin transactions to sell cheat programs for Tencent's game "Game For Peace" to players both domestically and internationally, profiting from it. He was responsible for the sales channel of the cheat program and coordinated with the overseas team, while Wang was responsible for the financial settlement of the cheat program. From February 2020 to January 2021 alone, He illegally gained over 19.56 million CNY from selling cheat programs, and Wang illegally gained over 9.78 million CNY from selling cheat programs.

Source: Weibo