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The Controversy Behind the Personnel Changes in the Chinese Representative Team for the League of Legends Event at the Asian Games

By Xueyang
Jul. 4, 2023 updated 10:29

The Asian Games 2023 is happening in a few months, attracting not only traditional sports lovers but also Esports fans. On June 25th Beijing Time, China's national Esports training team revealed the roster of the League of Legends Esports event at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2023:

Chinese Representative Team for the League of Legends EventChinese Representative Team for the League of Legends Event

Coach: Zhu Kai

Top Laner: Bai Jiahao (369), Chen Zebin (Bin)

Jungler: Zhao Lijie (Jiejie)

Mid Laner: Zhuo Ding (knight)

ADC: Yu Wenbo (Jackeylove)

Support: Tian Ye (Meiko)

However, this roster raised controversy among Chinese LPL fans. Many fans shared their opinions about the roster, while protesters argued that Jackylove was not worthy to represent China. The discussion quickly manifested into arguments and conspiracy. 

Insider's explosureInsider's exposure

On June 30, Beijing Time, LPL insider Han Yi first exposed an incident: some LPL players were reported to organize and participate in gambling. One of the players was rumored to be Jackylove, the nominated ADC of the Chinese Representative Team. Other rumored participants include legendary ADC Uzi and Lwx.

According to China's regulations, if the rumor is found to be true, the player will automatically be banned from the Chinese Representative Team. Although Jackylove did not plead guilty, he and Top-Laner 369 announced their withdrawal from the Chinese National Training Team due to their "personal health reasons" yesterday.

While Jackylove claimed he has sleeping issues and relied on Melatonin, 369 blamed his three-hypers (hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia) condition (or just wrist pain, depending on which rumor you believe in). The two players were subbed in by Peng "XUN" Lixun and Zhao (Elk) Jiahao.

Source: Weibo