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Epic Games is Giving Away The Elder Scrolls Online For Free

By Xueyang
Jul. 23, 2023 updated 12:29

The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online

The Epic Games Store has just added new freebies, one of them being an impressive MMO.

The highly anticipated MMO available for free this week is none other than The Elder Scrolls Online. Usually priced at $20, you can now grab this extensive game without spending a penny.

Specifically, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is part of the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure and is accessible on all platforms. We highly recommend downloading it, as we believe it to be a delightful and enjoyable game. If you're seeking an MMO with a bustling community, you're in luck, as there are countless players to join forces with.

According to the latest Steam Chart data, within the past 30 days, the average player count stands at a solid 14,674, with a peak of 22,788 players. As of now, there are approximately 15,884 individuals exploring the game - and keep in mind, this count solely pertains to Steam users.

Estimations indicate that the MMO boasts around 19 million players, which is an increase from the reported 15 million in January 2020 - which means with numerous individuals to team up with in-game, it's definitely worth downloading The Elder Scrolls Online and giving it a whirl.

Source: Epic Games