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2024 VALORANT Masters Will Come to Shanghai

By Xueyang
Jul. 28, 2023 updated 05:17

Riot Games has announced that the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour will be held in Shanghai, China, for VCT Masters Shanghai. This aligns with the official launch of VALORANT in China, as they will have their own international tournament in the 2024 competitive season.

Shanghai is not a new location for Riot Games tournaments, as it has been a popular destination for League of Legends events, including the 2020 World Championship.

Although China is not part of the three partnered VALORANT Leagues, Riot Games ensures that the region is included in international VALORANT tournaments. In VCT 2023: LOCK//IN and VCT Masters Tokyo, China was given two slots, and this number will increase to three teams in VCT Champions 2023.

The announcement is also significant for EDward Gaming, who finished 5th-6th at VCT Masters Tokyo. They will be looking to improve their performance at VCT Champions 2023 and potentially VCT Masters Shanghai.

VCT Masters Shanghai will take place in Spring 2024 and will feature the top teams from international leagues and qualifying events. It will be the second international VCT tournament in Asia, following VCT Masters Tokyo.

More information about VCT Masters Shanghai will be released in the coming months. As excitement builds for next year's tournament in Shanghai, fans can focus on VCT Champions 2023, scheduled for August 6-26.

Source: YouTube