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Chinese Player Xiaohai Secured Yet Another KOF15 Championship Title in EVO 2023

By Xueyang
Aug. 8, 2023 updated 02:37

Chinese fighting game virtuoso, Zeng "Xiaohai" Zhuojun, emerged as the KOF15 victor at the Evo 2023 championship held in Las Vegas this Sunday. In the nail-biting grand finals, Xiaohai went head-to-head with Lin "E.T." Chia-hung from Taiwan, China, securing a 3:2 win through meticulous movement and impeccable timing.

This victory marks a significant comeback for Xiaohai. It's been nearly a decade since he claimed an Evo main event title. While he did triumph in KOF14 at Evo 2016, it was categorized as a side event that year. In recognition of his outstanding comeback, the Evo organizer hailed him as, "The return of the king."

Confidently, Xiaohai tweeted:

Esports often favor younger players, given their quicker reflexes. Typically, many elite esports players retire around 28, transitioning into coaching or management roles.

Xiaohai's latest triumph, along with his previous win at Evo Japan, ensures his spot in the KOF15 world championship, organized by developer SNK in spring 2024. E.T., as the runner-up, has also earned his berth.

Source: Twitter