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Overwatch 2 is Getting Roasted on Steam

By Xueyang
Aug. 11, 2023 updated 07:50

Overwatch 2 Faces Criticism on SteamOverwatch 2 Faces Criticism on Steam

Blizzard's ambitious leap into Valve's digital platform, Steam, hasn't gone as planned. Overwatch 2, the first title by the company to be launched on Steam, was met with a flurry of criticism from players. Released on August 10th, the game has already amassed an "overwhelmingly negative" aggregate review score based on nearly 50,000 reviews.

The primary targets of player dissatisfaction are the game's free-to-play business model and the various microtransactions embedded within it. Despite new content released alongside the big Invasion update, including a new hero, an additional map, and story missions available for $15, players' grievances overshadow the excitement surrounding these features.

Overwatch 2 Receives Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews on SteamOverwatch 2 Receives Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews on Steam

In a move signaling Blizzard's commitment to accessibility and expansion, the company announced in late July that they would be launching some of their games on Steam, starting with Overwatch 2. The decision was aimed at "breaking down the barriers" and reaching players across different platforms. "Gaming is for everyone. And though we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting, we want to make it easier for players everywhere to find and enjoy our games," Blizzard stated. However, details on future releases on Steam remain unannounced.

The release of Overwatch 2 on Steam also coincides with the game's transition out of early access, marked by the Invasion update. The developers are confident that the game has moved beyond its "learning period" and is now ready for mainstream attention.

While the release of a prominent title like Overwatch 2 on a major platform like Steam is a significant event, the critical reception illustrates the complexities and challenges associated with modern gaming's business models and player expectations. The situation also raises questions about how Blizzard will respond to the feedback and what changes, if any, might be implemented to address the concerns.

For fans and industry watchers, the unfolding scenario offers a vivid reminder of the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the gaming community. How Blizzard navigates these choppy waters could set the tone for future releases, both on Steam and other platforms. The eyes of the gaming world will certainly be watching closely as the Overwatch 2 story continues to unfold.