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Pokémon Sleep Reveals Future Blueprint

By Xueyang
Aug. 14, 2023 updated 09:47

The Pokémon Company has announced future development plans for its casual game, Pokémon Sleep, where players are rewarded based on their sleeping patterns. Available on both Android and iOS devices, Pokémon Sleep's new roadmap promises exciting enhancements and improvements for players.

New Pokémon and Features

The developers are currently working on adding new Pokémon to the game, as well as more alarm and relaxing sounds to enrich the user experience. They are also designing a night mode for the loading screen, aiming to make the app more visually appealing and suitable for its sleep-related theme.

Issues and Adjustments

Along with these new features, the team has acknowledged specific issues that players have faced, including difficulties in meeting bedtime and problems in collecting Berries and other items near the screen's edge. These concerns are being addressed to provide a smoother gaming experience.

Good Sleep Day Event

A special in-game event, the Good Sleep Day, which was unveiled on August 30th, 2023, will offer players the chance to encounter more drowsy Pokémon, and the effectiveness of Drowsy Power will be enhanced during the event.

Technical Improvements

Beyond in-game content, the development plans also include a focus on technical aspects such as fixing issues with the app's running speed, freezing on some devices, and optimization of battery usage during sleep tracking. The intention is to ensure a seamless and stable experience for players.

Gratitude Gifts

As a token of gratitude, Pokémon Sleep is offering players in-game rewards, including 10x Poké Biscuits, 30x Handy Candy S, 1x Growth Incense, and 1x Focus Incense. Players can obtain these gifts by tapping the gift box icon in the in-app main menu before 4:00 a.m. UTC on September 2nd.

Upcoming Announcements

Though there is no specific date for the implementation of these new changes, players will be notified via in-game news as they arrive.

In conclusion, Pokémon Sleep's future development plans emphasize both enhancing the gameplay experience and fixing technical issues. By introducing new Pokémon, features, and events, along with improving the app's performance, Pokémon Sleep seems committed to providing an engaging and rewarding experience for its players. The developers' dedication to refining the app and offering new content shows a promising future for the game. Whether you are a seasoned Pokémon trainer or a newcomer, there's plenty to look forward to in Pokémon Sleep.

Stay tuned and continue your sleep research!

Source: Twitter