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2023 WePlay Cultural Exhibition and CiGADC Developer Conference Announce Full Upgrades

By Xueyang
Aug. 23, 2023 updated 02:29

The 2023 WePlay Cultural Exhibition B2B area and concurrent CiGADC Developer Conference are set for a full upgrade! Through deep collaboration with the CRI TechSummit and CRIWARE China, the CiGA Developer Conference is expanding to three days. The event aims to provide developers with valuable industry insights and resources through the B2B exhibition area, bringing together partners from various stages of the industry.

B2B Zone Integration: Connecting Global Resources

Combining the hundreds of games, developers, publishers, platforms, and media resources that WePlay attracts globally, the WePlay B2B area will connect industry players both domestically and internationally. This will further strengthen international industry exchanges and explore ways to enhance and increase development efficiency.

CiGA ConnectsCiGA Connects

Introduction to CiGA Connects

CiGA Connects is a B2B brand focused on exhibitions, international business matchmaking, and industry conferences. It will be held at the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank Expo Pavilion H4 Hall on November 18-19, 2023, with the CiGADC Developer Conference beginning on November 17.

CiGA Connects Event Preview

  • Upgrade to a 3-day conference with more global information.
  • Collaboration with CRIWARE China and CRI Tech Summit 2023, covering new products, technologies, and audio-video technology content.
  • Gathering quality game content developers from all over the country.
  • Participation from global developers, publishers, platforms, media, and other industry professionals.
  • Convenient on-site business areas.
  • A multi-experience single ticket, including access to the WePlay Cultural Exhibition.

Deep Collaboration with CTS, Upgrading CiGADC Developer Conference to 3 Days

The conference covers various aspects of game development and publishing, including design, visuals, programming, narrative, platform, marketing, operations, and monetization. With guests from various fields, this event will serve as an offline networking conference for game developers and industry practitioners.

CRI TechSummitCRI TechSummit

CRI Middleware: Expanding Solutions

CRI Middleware, a well-known Japanese middleware manufacturer, has authorized over 7300 cases worldwide for its CRIWARE brand, offering diverse game development solutions. The annual CRI TechSummit focuses on middleware technology, Japanese game music composition skills, sound effect production, and talent development.

Devs all over the world sharing their experiencesDevs all over the world sharing their experiences

In-depth Cooperation: Full Upgrade in 2023

Through the in-depth collaboration between CiGADC and CRI TechSummit, the 2023 CiGADC Developer Conference is fully upgraded, providing a feast of technology and insights. Stay tuned for guest lists and sharing topics, and keep an eye on the China Independent Game Alliance for the latest information.

B2B Exhibition Area: Recruitment Open

CiGA Connects and WePlay events will take place at the same venue, saving travel time. The offline B2B exhibition area will provide convenient and direct brand display and communication spaces for upstream and downstream companies. A limited number of B2B booths are still available for recruitment.

Gaming, Innovation, and fun!Gaming, Innovation, and fun!

Gaming, Innovation, and Fun!

With these exciting upgrades and collaborations, the 2023 WePlay Cultural Exhibition and CiGADC Developer Conference are poised to be must-attend events for gaming and entertainment professionals. Be sure to follow CiGA and WePlay official public accounts for more updates on this multi-cultural gaming event, happening November 18-19 at the Industrial and Commercial Bank Center Shanghai Expo Exhibition Hall H4.