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Skull and Bones Loses Third Creative Director Amid Production Challenges

By Xueyang
Sep. 7, 2023 updated 07:20

Skull & BonesSkull & Bones

Ubisoft's ambitious pirate-themed project, Skull and Bones, has faced another setback with the departure of its third creative director, Elisabeth Pellen. Originally assigned to the project in 2018, Pellen has returned to Ubisoft's Paris headquarters. Her exit comes amid a mixed reception to the game's recent closed beta and a labor organizing campaign by Singapore’s Creative Media and Publishing Union at Ubisoft Singapore.

Pellen was instrumental in evolving Skull and Bones from a session-based multiplayer combat game to a more exploration-centric pirate simulation. Her role was significant enough that Ubisoft stated her vision for the game is currently being executed by the team. Despite her exit, the company is still committed to releasing the high-budget title, which was initially pegged for a 2018 release but has since been postponed multiple times.

Reports indicate that the game doesn't have a new internal release date yet, despite a previously promised release before the end of the fiscal year in March 2024. Reception to the closed beta has been varied; while IGN praised the game, others found it unengaging.

Amid production woes, broader issues around workplace treatment and pay equality have also arisen at Ubisoft Singapore. These have led to labor-organizing efforts by the country’s Creative Media and Publishing Union. Ubisoft contends it is working to create a thriving workplace, but the unfolding union efforts indicate that challenges persist.

Elisabeth Pellen hasn't commented on her departure, and her LinkedIn profile suggests she is now serving as "directeur editorial online" at Ubisoft's Paris office. Despite these challenges, Ubisoft continues to affirm their commitment to improving the game based on player feedback.

Source: Kotaku