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Torchlight: Infinite New Season "The City of Aeterna" is Now Available

By Xueyang
Sep. 9, 2023 updated 12:55

Torchlight: Infinite kicks off its new season today at 5 PM PT on PC and mobile, introducing players to the mysterious City of Aeterna. Coming on the heels of a successful global launch, this free major update brings a slew of fresh gameplay content and system improvements.

What's in store for players?

  • Aeterna City: Explore ancient ruins to gather resources for restoring the lost city, unlocking secret paths and earning hefty rewards. An endless tower-climbing challenge and random map keep gameplay fresh.

  • New Hero - Forsaken Iris: As the ninth hero in Torchlight: Infinite, Iris brings a unique playstyle, calling Spirit Magi to assist her in combat through her dynamic Growth mechanic.

  • Flame of Pleasure Trait: Gemma users can now unlock a fiery skill set that turns them into walking infernos, dishing out major damage.

  • Lone King Boss: Face off against this season's ultimate boss for a bounty of hidden treasures.

Additional Features:

  • A new Season Pass offering bonus rewards and the unlockable new hero, Iris.

  • Psalms of Aeterna: Unlock seasonal Talent Nodes by finding collectibles.

  • Crafting System: Choose your desired affix when crafting.

  • Trade House Update: Enhanced search and item-saving features.

  • Legendary Drop Rate Boost: Increased by 3.5 times.

  • Netherrealm Battles Revamp: Offers a more exhilarating treasure-hunting experience.

Plus, for those who log in on September 7th, a limited edition Portrait Frame awaits to commemorate the season's launch.

Source: Twitter/X