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Honkai: Star Rail Teases Release on More Platforms Beyond PlayStation

By Xueyang
Sep. 19, 2023 updated 02:28

In a recent State of Play live event by Sony, HoYoverse announced that their acclaimed game Honkai: Star Rail is set to officially land on the PlayStation 5 platform this October. While the announcement piqued the interest of many gamers, a line of fine print at the end of the video caught everyone's attention: the game will also be coming to other console platforms after a certain period, similar to what happened with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Although the specific release date for other platforms is still up in the air, the news has gamers buzzing with speculation and anticipation.

Honkai: Star Rail Set to Launch on PS5Honkai: Star Rail Set to Launch on PS5

Honkai: Star Rail is an RPG developed by HoYoverse, distinguished by its unique gameplay style and exquisite graphics. The game also offers an in-depth narrative and character development, providing an immersive gaming experience that has garnered widespread approval.

While the PlayStation 5 release date for Honkai: Star Rail has been confirmed, news of the game coming to other platforms in the future has got players on other systems excited. It's worth noting that HoYoverse had previously announced that Genshin Impact would be coming to the Switch, although that version has yet to see the light of day.