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Terraria Developer Re-Logic Donates $200K to Open-Source Game Engines in Response to Unity Fee Changes

By Xueyang
Sep. 20, 2023 updated 03:49


The gaming community witnessed a rare moment of unity last week, ironically against the game engine Unity, after it introduced a new per-install fee. Developers across the board shared their disappointment and criticism. As a form of pushback, Terraria developer Re-Logic, which hardly relies on Unity, announced a 200,000 USD donation to open-source game engines.

Re-Logic expressed its dismay at Unity's policy shift. Although they don't extensively use Unity, they stated their intent to support other burgeoning open-source game engines. Accordingly, they've committed 100,000 USD each to Godot and FNA, two free engines with public licenses. Godot, in particular, has gained traction as an alternative to Unity. Re-Logic will also donate 1,000 USD monthly to both projects, provided they continue to be developer-friendly.

Unity later issued an apology for the "confusion and angst" it created, indicating some policy changes are in the pipeline. However, the gaming community remains dissatisfied, emphasizing that the problem isn't confusion but the fundamentally damaging nature of the new fee model. Re-Logic insists that, regardless of Unity's next moves, their support for open-source engines will continue, citing that trust, once lost, is hard to regain.

Source: Twitter/X