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Final Fantasy XIV Announces Official Tabletop RPG for 10th Anniversary of A Realm Reborn

By Xueyang
Sep. 21, 2023 updated 08:21

In a move that's set to delight fans of both video games and tabletop experiences, Final Fantasy XIV is crossing into new territory. The franchise announced the release of the FINAL FANTASY XIV TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) in celebration of the 10th anniversary of A Realm Reborn. This marks the first time the FINAL FANTASY series has ventured into the tabletop RPG genre officially.

Tabletop RPGs are a form of social storytelling where participants assume the roles of characters in a dynamically evolving narrative. Players navigate scenarios filled with decisions that can alter the course of the story, and the outcomes are typically determined by the roll of a dice.

This starter set aims to provide an all-in-one package for newcomers and series veterans alike. It will feature scenarios that have been directly supervised by the FFXIV Development team. Moreover, the set comes with original dice that have been specially crafted to offer an immersive experience.


The game will allow players to embark on their own unique adventures in iconic locales and dungeons from the FFXIV universe. Participants can expect to encounter familiar FATEs, monsters, and NPCs, but this time, in tabletop form.

While specifics about the release date and pricing are still under wraps, the buzz around this TTRPG is palpable. Given the enormous success and passionate fanbase of Final Fantasy XIV, this new tabletop venture could be another feather in the cap for a franchise that keeps pushing the boundaries of gaming culture.

Source: Twitter/X