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Influential Modder Dav0r Passes Away at 35

By Xueyang
Sep. 22, 2023 updated 09:10

Dave Hunt, an influential modder in the gaming community known by his online handle Dav0r, passed away last week at the age of 35, according to close friends. The cause of death has not been disclosed.


Dav0r described himself as a "casual 2D/3D artist," and although he may not be a household name among PC gamers, his work has left a lasting impact. Notably, he was the creator of the model for the Garry's Mod toolgun—a multipurpose in-game tool designed like a revolver with an LCD screen and ribbon cable attached. The toolgun allows players to execute various functions, like welding or attaching ropes, within Facepunch Studios' sandbox mod based on the Source engine.

the model for the Garry's Mod toolgunthe model for the Garry's Mod toolgun

Garry Newman, the founder of Facepunch Studios and the man behind Garry's Mod, had known Dav0r for two decades. Newman described him as jovial and easygoing, stating he was both "shocked and saddened" by the news of Dav0r's death.

Close friend and former Facepunch community manager Hezzy announced Dav0r's passing on the studio's Discord server, praising his "significant impact" and "unique brand of humour." Dav0r's contributions extended beyond Garry's Mod; he also provided multiple 3D models for another Source engine mod, Jabroni Brawl 3.

Dav0r's remade toolgun modelDav0r's remade toolgun model

Hezzy is collecting memories and anecdotes about Dav0r to share with his family during a wake planned for October, ensuring that his legacy will continue to be cherished within the Facepunch community.

Source: PC Gamer