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Holiland Bakes Up a Multiverse Treat with Rick and Morty Collaboration

By Xueyang
Sep. 22, 2023 updated 09:19

In a surprising but delicious twist, China's renowned bakery chain Holiland is partnering with the cult-favorite animated series, Rick and Morty. Holiland, a name synonymous with quality baked goods since 1992, will soon be offering treats inspired by the wacky, dimension-hopping adventures of the show's protagonists.


Rick and Morty, the American animated series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, has garnered a massive following with its unique blend of dark humor, science fiction, and absurdity. The series revolves around an eccentric, alcoholic scientist named Rick and his well-meaning but easily influenced grandson Morty as they embark on intergalactic quests and existential explorations.

This collaboration will bridge the gap between East and West in the most delightful way. Holiland is famous for integrating traditional Chinese elements into their cakes and pastries, giving a cultural touch to their baked delights. Marrying these with the wild imagination and creativity behind Rick and Morty could result in some truly one-of-a-kind desserts.

Rick and MortyRick and Morty

Though details about the collaborative products are scarce, the excitement is palpable. Given Holiland's reputation for excellence and the unyielding fan base of Rick and Morty, the anticipation is as layered as one of Holiland's signature cakes. What's certain is that the partnership will give fans of both the show and the bakery an extra reason to celebrate.

So whether you're a devoted fan looking to taste a slice of another dimension or just someone who appreciates quality baked goods, keep an eye out for this scrumptious crossover. As Rick himself might say, "This is going to be a mind-bender!"

Source: Weibo