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indiePlay China Announces 2023 Nominees for Independent Game Awards

By Xueyang
Sep. 28, 2023 updated 10:43

The 9th annual indiePlay China Independent Game Awards, a longstanding fixture in the Chinese indie game scene since 2015, has officially released its list of nominees for the 2023 event. The award ceremony is set to take place on November 19th during the WePlay event.

Over the years, indiePlay has been both a witness to and a part of the growth of Chinese indie gaming. It serves as a platform and bridge to introduce exceptional indie games and their developers from China to a broader audience each year. The awards aim to connect and discover talented creators and innovators, encouraging constant advancements in design, narrative, gameplay, and artistic expression, including visual and auditory arts.

2023 indiePlay Award Category2023 indiePlay Award Category

With an increasing number of quality VR games appearing both domestically and internationally, indiePlay has reinstated the "Best VR Game" award for 2023. In collaboration with UGDAP, a "Best Student Game" award has also been introduced to encourage more student developers to enter the indie game space.

indiePlay judges having a meetingindiePlay judges having a meeting

This year, nearly 500 games were submitted for consideration, marking improvements both in the number of entries and their overall quality. The international profile of indiePlay has also grown, resulting in a significant uptick in entries from abroad, including some well-established names in the indie game industry.

indiePlay judges having a meetingindiePlay judges having a meeting

The selection process was challenging, to say the least. Entries that were already online and had received over 10,000 Steam reviews were not included in the evaluation but will be featured in a separate exhibition space at the WePlay event.

indiePlay judges having a meetingindiePlay judges having a meeting

After two months of online assessments, the judges convened for intense two-day offline reviews in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Following rigorous debate and discussion, the final list of nominees for the 2023 indiePlay China Independent Game Awards was determined.

A special thank you goes out to the organizations and judges who have generously supported the evaluation process, continuously aiding the ongoing exploration of game development.

Below is the full nominees list: