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Genshin Impact Symphony Concert 2023 Set to Wow Fans in Shanghai

By Xueyang
Sep. 30, 2023 updated 04:55

Genshin Impact Symphony Concert 2023 Set to Wow Fans in ShanghaiGenshin Impact Symphony Concert 2023 Set to Wow Fans in Shanghai

Mark your calendars, Genshin Impact fans. The highly-anticipated "Genshin Impact Symphony Concert 2023" is about to grace Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena. Paimon has shared key details, urging all Travelers to read carefully.

The symphonic event will unfold over two evenings, September 29th and 30th, starting at 19:00 local time. Located at the illustrious Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, the concert promises a runtime of approximately 100 minutes, although the actual duration will depend on the live performance.

Attendees can enter the venue around 120 minutes before the concert's start, subject to on-site arrangements. As for in-game goodies, "Whimsical Melody" gift card codes will be distributed by staff members after attendees pass through the ticket checkpoint. Other tiered gifts will be pre-placed on corresponding seats; Travelers should check their gift bags for any damage upon receiving them.

Several important reminders were issued for the concertgoers:

  1. Each ticket holder can enter the venue only once, with no re-entry allowed.
  2. Identity verification is a must; attendees will need to show the identity document linked to their ticket and undergo facial recognition checks.
  3. There will be no on-site ticket sales; any forms of ticket resale or proxy entry are discouraged.
  4. Attendees should acquaint themselves with the rules on the ticket details page, including items that are prohibited or restricted from being brought into the venue.
  5. The venue does not offer a storage facility, so take care of your belongings and watch out for any valuable items.

For any issues concerning gift cards or gifts, attendees can promptly seek assistance from on-site staff.

Source: Weibo