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CD Projekt Red Developers Form Union Following Layoffs

By Xueyang
Oct. 9, 2023 updated 08:24

CD Projekt Red Developers Form Union Following LayoffsCD Projekt Red Developers Form Union Following Layoffs

In the wake of recent layoffs, staff at CD Projekt Red have organized into a union, making it one of the few game development studios in Poland to do so. Known as the Polish Gamedev Workers Union (PGWU), the organization aligns with the national union OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza and is open to professionals from other Polish game studios as well.

The union's formation comes as a response to the company's dismissal of about 100 employees—9% of its total staff—earlier this year. CEO Adam Kiciński had attributed the layoffs to "several deep transformations within the studio." In a statement on their website, PGWU pointed out that the layoffs led to widespread stress and insecurity, thereby necessitating the union's creation for better job security, transparency, and mental health safeguards.

The industry as a whole has faced significant challenges this year. Estimates suggest that over 6,100 people in the gaming sector have lost their jobs in 2023 alone. Besides CD Projekt Red, other major studios like Unity and Embracer Group have also announced layoffs and closures.

PGWU's founders believe that mass layoffs pose a serious threat to the sustainability of the game development industry. Through unionizing, they hope to lend workers a stronger voice and better protection during these turbulent times.

Source: PC Gamer