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Pokémon x Cat's Kitchen Team Up for Culinary Short Films

By Xueyang
Oct. 9, 2023 updated 09:32

In a delightful blend of cuisine and pop culture, Pokémon has teamed up with Chinese food blogger "Cat's Kitchen" to produce a collection of short films. The latest episode spotlights the mouth-watering creation of an emerald green grape mousse cake.

Pokemon x Cat's KitchenPokemon x Cat's Kitchen

This unique collaboration marries the whimsical world of Pokémon with the culinary expertise of "Cat's Kitchen," presenting fans with not just a visual feast but also a recipe that pays homage to the beloved franchise. With the delectable grape mousse cake taking center stage, viewers are treated to a cooking experience that is both entertaining and educational. This episode is the latest in a series aimed at blending the culinary arts with the magic of Pokémon, providing fans with a unique intersection of two very different worlds.

Source: Weibo