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Duoyi Network's Ongoing Struggle: A Timeline of Controversial Interactions With Guangzhou Authorities

By Xueyang
Oct. 15, 2023 updated 01:44

In a protracted and evolving narrative, Duoyi Network, an internet gaming company based in Guangzhou, continues to find itself embroiled in a series of contentious events involving local law enforcement. In a recent announcement, Duoyi Network claimed to have faced severe unfair treatment by the Guangzhou Public Security authorities over the past two years.

This timeline traces the pivotal moments in this ongoing saga, where allegations of misconduct, refusals to initiate cases, bribery claims, and the detention of key figures have painted a complex picture. As the story unfolds, Duoyi Network's pursuit of justice and protection of its rights remain in the spotlight, holding implications for the broader legal and business landscape in Guangzhou. We delve into the key events that have shaped this multifaceted situation.

Duoyi NetworkDuoyi Network

The following timeline outlines the key events in this ongoing matter:

1. Report and Case Refusal (Mid-2022):

  • Duoyi Network reports embezzlement allegations against its former administrative head, Ma Xingjia, to the Huangpu District Branch of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.
  • The case is declined, citing a lack of evidence.

2. Allegations of Bribery (Mid-2022):

  • Duoyi Network claimed its employees were subjected to bribery attempts by Huangpu Branch investigators.

3. Company's Public Notice (March 24, 2023):

  • Duoyi Network published an explanatory notice on its website, requesting an investigation into alleged bribery and the protection of its rights.

4. Chairman's Detention and Employee Arrests (March 27, 2023):

  • Tianhe District Branch SWAT squad of 10 raided Duoyi Network's HQ and detained its chairman, accusing him of provocation and disturbance.
  • Four employees were also arrested; computers and classified data were seized.

5. Travel Restrictions and Visa Expiry (March-April 2023):

  • The chairman's travel for business was restricted, causing visa to expire and financial losses.

6. Ongoing Investigation (March-September 2023):

  • Duoyi Network claims the Tianhe District Branch has not conducted a proper investigation and accuses them of abuse of power.

7. Request to Withdraw Charges (September 2023):

  • Duoyi Network submitted a request to the Tianhe District Procuratorate for the withdrawal of charges related to provocation and disturbance.

This concise timeline summarizes Duoyi Network's complex interactions with Guangzhou authorities.

In this complex and ongoing situation, Duoyi Network's interactions with Guangzhou authorities have raised important questions about the handling of legal matters and the protection of private enterprises' rights. As developments continue to unfold, the company's requests for a thorough investigation and the protection of its legitimate interests remain at the forefront. The outcome of this case will likely hold implications for the broader landscape of legal and business environments in Guangzhou.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as it progresses.

Source: Duoyi Network