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'EA Sports FC 24' Thrives Post-License Loss, Attracts Over 11.3 Million Players in First Week

By Xueyang
Oct. 16, 2023 updated 08:26

'EA Sports FC 24' Thrives Post-License Loss'EA Sports FC 24' Thrives Post-License Loss

EA has proven that losing the FIFA license hasn't hindered the momentum of its soccer game series. 'EA Sports FC 24' drew in an impressive 11.3 million players within its first week after release.

This announcement came in a recent press release from EA. President Cam Weber declared that they are building the world's largest soccer community through 'EA Sports FC 24,' and this is "just the beginning."

While EA emphasized that this figure exceeded the first-week performance of 'FIFA 23,' which had 10.3 million players, some media outlets pointed out that the data for 'EA Sports FC 24' includes players who have accessed the game through EA Play.

The growth rate of 'EA Sports FC 24' in its first week is quite similar to the growth rates of 'FIFA 23' and 'FIFA 22' during their respective first weeks.

'FIFA 22' had attracted 9.1 million players in its first week, and EA had also used the term "record-breaking" in its press release at the time, mirroring the language used in the press release approximately a year later for 'EA Sports FC 24.'

However, looking back further, 'FIFA 21' had only amassed 3.6 million players in its first week, highlighting the continuous growth of the series, with the rebranding not impeding this upward trajectory.