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Fallout Games on Sale to Mark the Franchise's Apocalyptic Date

By Xueyang
Oct. 24, 2023 updated 07:00

Fallout Games on Sale to Mark the Franchise's Apocalyptic DateFallout Games on Sale to Mark the Franchise's Apocalyptic Date

October 23, known as Fallout Day or Bombs Drop Day, commemorates the fictional world-ending Great War set in 2077 within the Fallout universe. This catastrophic event, a thermonuclear conflict between the US and China, drastically reshaped the game's world.

In celebration, digital retailers such as Steam, GOG, Humble, and more have rolled out special discounts on almost every title in the Fallout series. Notably, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, heralded by some as Bethesda's best Fallout title, is available for just 5 USD across multiple platforms. Fans can also snag the original Fallout game for a mere 2.50 USD. Bargain hunters are advised to shop around, as some platforms like Fanatical and Green Man Gaming are offering slight discounts on specific titles.

Among the titles on sale is Fallout Tactics, a game that veers away from the traditional RPG format of the series. At only 2 USD, fans are encouraged to give this often-underappreciated title a shot, despite its differences from the mainline games.

These special prices will be available until October 31. Fans looking to relive the classics or dive into the series for the first time can find deals on:

  • Steam
  • Humble Store
  • GOG
  • Fanatical
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Gamesplanet

For those new to the series, especially the classic titles, it's worth checking out guides to optimize the gameplay experience.

In related news, Amazon made waves by announcing the premiere date for the eagerly anticipated Fallout TV series. It is set to stream on Prime starting April 12, 2024.

Source: PC Gamer