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Tencent Invested 19.5 Million USD in Polish Horror Studio Bloober Team

By Isabella Jiangcheng
Oct. 12, 2021 updated 03:35

Bloober Team, the eccentric Polish gaming studio behind The Medium and Blair Witch, has become the latest gem in Tencent’s portfolio. On Friday, Chinese media Cailian reported that Tencent has acquired 22% equity of Bloober Team. The 19.5 million USD investment has made the Chinese game giant the largest external shareholder of the Polish studio. Tencent is becoming increasingly aggressive with its expansion in the gaming industry. According to Cailian, Tencent has made 47 video game-related investments in the first half of 2021.

It is not a surprise that Tencent laid eyes on this quirky studio. Bloober Team has developed a series of highly acclaimed titles in recent years, pioneering in the Horror genre. Players praise Bloober Team for their challenging and disturbing psychological horrors. It is estimated that the studio has attracted more than 10 million gamers with its uniquely styled projects.

Tencent is not the only one who saw Bloober Team’s potential. Earlier this summer, the studio signed a business alliance agreement with Konami. Many have suspected that Bloober Team will collaborate on Konami’s well-known franchise Silent Hill, despite Konami claiming otherwise. Additionally, last week, Bloober Team announced their partnership with Take-Two Interactive, the developer behind the popular NBA 2K. Though to date, no information has been given on the details of these partnerships.