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"Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine" Concludes Record-Breaking 200-day Theater Run

By Xueyang
Oct. 31, 2023 updated 02:54

Detective Conan's latest release, "Black Iron Submarine," has concluded its theater run, making a significant mark by breaking previous box office records.

Debuting on April 14th, this installment of the Detective Conan series set a new record for the franchise's longest-running film in theaters. The movie garnered substantial attention, amassing a box office revenue of 13.837 billion JPY (~25.42 million USD) and attracting an audience of 9.78 million viewers. This achievement significantly surpasses previous records, further solidifying the movie's monumental success.

Overall, "Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine" stands as a testament to the series' enduring popularity and its continued ability to captivate audiences.

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