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HoYoverse Spearheads Robust Intellectual Property Defense Initiative

By Xueyang
Oct. 31, 2023 updated 03:17

HoYoverse Spearheads Robust Intellectual Property Defense InitiativeHoYoverse Spearheads Robust Intellectual Property Defense Initiative

HoYoverse has unveiled momentous advancements in its relentless campaign to uphold intellectual property rights. Reports as of October 23 reveal that, in an unprecedented alliance with national law enforcement bodies, HoYoverse has decisively targeted private servers for popular games like "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai: Star Rail". This collaborative crackdown has culminated in the unraveling of six criminal cases tied to unauthorized game servers, with six servers— notably including the "Zhuxian private server"— being deactivated. In a significant stride, 16 individuals have been detained, encompassing two key server developers and an array of 14 server operators.

Unauthorized game servers, a notorious blotch in the online gaming realm, not only undermine the bona fide rights of corporate entities and users but also incubate myriad security risks for gamers, thus stalling the industry's flourishing trajectory. In light of this, HoYoverse, in synergy with legal and judicial entities, has rolled out uncompromising measures to stamp out these infractions. This strategic move has reverberated strongly among the top echelons of illegal enterprises, safeguarding the sanctity of copyright tenets and fortifying consumer trust, while simultaneously galvanizing the industry's vibrant evolution.

Additionally, HoYoverse's legal arsenal has been unsheathed against a cohort of independent web portals peddling private server tutorials and sales. The company is also pursuing live-streamers embroiled in private server promotions. Civil litigation proceedings have been set in motion against these entities, holding them squarely accountable for their transgressions. This resolute stance adopted by HoYoverse has efficaciously curtailed the reach of unauthorized server entities, substantially mitigating their malign influence and methodically eradicating the fertile ground for gaming malfeasance.

In the intricate tapestry of intellectual property defense, tenacity reigns supreme. Throughout this calendar year, HoYoverse's unwavering commitment to rights safeguarding has manifested across diverse spectrums, pinpointing an array of infringement paradigms. Be it combating pirated merchandise, game cheats, information leaks, or the recent rigorous regulation of private servers, HoYoverse's resolve has been unyielding. The company reiterates its pledge to amplify its endeavors, wielding the might of the law, to robustly counter infringements and ceaselessly champion the interests of its expansive user community.

Source: Weixin