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Biden Signs Executive Order for AI Regulation Amidst G7 AI Development Guidelines

By Xueyang
Oct. 31, 2023 updated 11:33

Biden vs. AIBiden vs. AI

In a strategic move to counteract potential threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI), US President Joe Biden has endorsed an executive order outlining stringent regulations governing AI advancements. This significant decree, focusing on ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of AI systems, was simultaneously accompanied by the G7 nations' consensus on the foundational principles for AI development, termed the Hiroshima Process.

Under the auspices of this order, companies actively involved in the development of AI systems perceived as high-risk to national security or public health will be mandated to share pivotal safety data and test outcomes with US governmental bodies. A collaborative effort involving key agencies, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Homeland Security, aims to devise standardized tools and testing methodologies to verify the credibility of AI systems.

The comprehensive order doesn't merely limit itself to conventional AI risks. It delves into uncharted territories like safeguarding against AI's potential to design hazardous biological agents and ensures mechanisms are in place to detect AI-generated misinformation. Addressing the potential pitfalls of "algorithmic discrimination," the order intriguingly hints at leveraging AI in predictive policing and forensic analysis, eliciting echoes of sci-fi narratives.

Biden accentuated the necessity for bipartisan efforts in Congress to enhance privacy measures associated with AI's deployment and training. He emphatically stated the importance of this executive decision but underscored the paramount need for Congressional backing.

The synchronized announcement from the G7 nations highlighted their dedication to sculpting a global framework for AI. This Hiroshima AI Process envisions a harmonized approach to AI, benefiting the global populace, especially the digitally marginalized sections. In a joint pronouncement, the G7 leaders expressed anticipation about AI enterprises pledging allegiance to this international code of conduct.

Source: PC Gamers