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Xbox Plans to Restrict Unauthorized Third-Party Accessories

By Xueyang
Nov. 1, 2023 updated 03:53

Xbox users have recently reported receiving notifications about system errors when connecting unofficial devices to their consoles. These alerts advise users to replace their current device, with some users even encountering issues pairing third-party controllers to their Xbox.

Xbox alerts on third-party accesoriesXbox alerts on third-party accessories

Following Microsoft's latest policy update, starting from November 12, 2023, Xbox will strictly prohibit the connection of third-party accessories, including headphones, controllers, and joysticks.

Microsoft explained this move by highlighting the potential negative impact of unauthorized accessories on user gaming experience. Speculations suggest that this policy might have been introduced to prevent modifications in third-party controllers that could give players an unfair advantage, thereby ruining the experience for others.

While this change is seen as a positive step towards maintaining a fair gaming environment, it might also mean an increased demand and potential price surge for official Xbox accessories.