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Genshin Impact x Juneyao Airlines to Launch Special Flights Dedicated to Celebrate 3-Year Anniversary

By Xueyang
Nov. 9, 2023 updated 01:47

In a landmark partnership, the world of Genshin Impact merges with the skies as Juneyao Air announced its collaboration with the blockbuster game during the Genshin Impact version 4.2 livestream. This thrilling union promises to infuse the real-world journey of flight with the magic of the game's universe, thrilling fans and frequent flyers alike.

Genshin Impact x Juneyao AirlinesGenshin Impact x Juneyao Airlines

Embarking on a path where fantasy meets flight, the “Genshin Impact Anniversary Flight” transforms air travel into an adventure reminiscent of Teyvat. Passengers will step into an aircraft transformed into a Genshin Impact haven, with the cabin decked out in designs echoing the game's ethereal landscapes. From inspired artwork to in-flight entertainment, travelers are set for an unforgettable voyage.

The Genshin Impact 3 Year Anniversary FlightThe Genshin Impact 3-Year Anniversary Flight

The skies have never been more enchanting for devotees of Genshin Impact. Juneyao Air's aircraft will become flying stages for immersive experiences, where the game's rich lore is celebrated through activities and installations. Fans can interact with their favorite characters and narratives, taking a slice of Mondstadt up in the air or savoring culinary creations from Liyue Harbor’s finest kitchens.

Exclusive collectibles await passengers, offering tangible memories of their fantastical journey. These special edition souvenirs, alongside the chance to snag exclusive in-flight prizes, weave together an elevated experience that goes beyond the seatbelt sign.


This collaboration between Genshin Impact and Juneyao Air is a testament to innovative experiences that bridge industries, bringing together the spirit of exploration and the allure of narrative. As the realms of gaming and aviation interlace, this crossover sets a new horizon for immersive fan engagement, where every takeoff is the start of an epic quest.

Source: Juneyao Airlines