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"Project: Arrival" Assures Limited Impact From ByteDance’s Capital Restructuring

By Xueyang
Nov. 29, 2023 updated 07:59

ByteDance’s recent adjustments in its capital structure for its gaming business have sparked discussions, but the team behind the popular game "Project: Arrival" assures players that the changes will have minimal impact on the project and team. The game, which has garnered a strong following, is set to release its first new version in December, a testament to the team's commitment and extensive content reserves.

Project: Arrival's announcementProject: Arrival's announcement

The "Project: Arrival" team expressed gratitude towards the game's community, known as the 'survivors', for their continued support and love. Recent feedback on the game's adjustments has been positively received, reinforcing the team's player-first philosophy. This approach, centered around attentively listening to player feedback, remains a core principle for the development team.

Despite the ongoing discussions about ByteDance's business maneuvers, the "Project: Arrival" team reassures players that the game's future remains secure. The team has nearly two years’ worth of version content in reserve and continues to produce new material and updates based on player feedback. Furthermore, several collaborations with well-known IPs have been signed and are in active development, with the first batch of new content scheduled for release in December.

Ending on a reassuring note, the team thanks the players once again and echoes the game's slogan, "Aliens arrive, just survive." They affirm their commitment not only to endure but to thrive, ensuring the game's continued success and development in the face of corporate restructuring.

Source: TapTap