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Ubisoft Shanghai Appoints Yang Zhihong as New Managing Director Amid Strategic Shifts

By Xueyang
Nov. 30, 2023 updated 08:59

Ubisoft Shanghai Appoints Yang Zhihong as New Managing Director Amid Strategic ShiftsUbisoft Shanghai Appoints Yang Zhihong as New Managing Director Amid Strategic Shifts

Ubisoft has announced the appointment of Yang Zhihong as the new Managing Director of its Shanghai studio, effective January 1, 2024. Yang, an industry veteran with nearly two decades of experience, succeeds Jean-Francois Vallee, who will now lead Ubisoft's Southeast Asia and India studios.

Yang Zhihong's illustrious career began at Ubisoft, where he was involved in the creative development of several high-profile games, including "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon," "I Am Alive," and "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" and "Far Cry" series. With 16 years of experience in AAA game development and recent endeavors in mobile gaming, Yang has also accumulated valuable expertise in online operations and business. His extensive management experience includes leading core production and online operations teams and serving as a studio general manager at other companies.

Xavier Poix, Ubisoft’s regional head overseeing studios in China, France, Spain, and Italy, praised Yang's abilities to unite teams and leverage their strengths, which are crucial for successful game launches. "As a leader, Yang Zhihong possesses strategic vision and inclusive thinking, and is adept at driving teamwork," Poix said. "His deep understanding of the team, the gaming industry, and the Chinese market, coupled with extraordinary leadership, will undoubtedly lead the Shanghai team to success and effectively advance our development strategy for Chinese studios."

In his new role, Yang will focus on aligning Ubisoft Shanghai with the company's development strategy in China, aiming to establish it as a world-class game development studio. He will closely collaborate with the studio's leadership and producers to sharpen expertise in open-world development and online operations, with a focus on producing high-quality, best-selling games tailored to the Chinese market.

Yang will also work alongside Shu Xinyu, Managing Director of Ubisoft Chengdu, to enhance synergy between the Chinese studios and elevate their overall business capabilities. Together, they will engage in active collaboration with other studio heads in the region, fostering a culture of teamwork and shared success.

Reflecting on his new role, Yang Zhihong expressed excitement about continuing his journey with Ubisoft Shanghai. "Ubisoft Shanghai is where my career and gaming dreams began, and I am thrilled to continue pursuing those dreams here," he said. "I am honored to embark on this new journey in my new role, working with a talented team to unleash creativity, create the unknown, and explore new opportunities in the vibrant Chinese market."

Jean-Francois Vallee, who is set to take on his new role in Singapore, shared his appreciation for his 18-year career in China. "Working alongside the talented teams in Chengdu and Shanghai, I have been part of developing numerous renowned Ubisoft IPs. I am confident that under Yang Zhihong's leadership, the Shanghai studio will continue to progress and achieve even greater success," Vallee stated.

Source: Ubisoft