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Featured Cosplay EP22: Come on and Get Jinxed!

By ChOzen
May. 9, 2022 updated 10:42

Everybody wants to be my ENEMY!

Jinx has been one of the hottest characters in the League of Legends universe since her explosive music video launched in 2015, and her wild and unhinged personality has won her many fans. Last year, being the star of the animated series Arcane, Jinx showed her coming-of-age story and added a more sensitive and relatable layer to her personality. Today we have some excellent Jinx cosplay for you, along with a few other arcane characters.

Jinx Cosplay 1

Jinx: 鱼尾

Photographer: 桑语映画

Source: Weibo

 Jinx Cosplay  Jinx Cosplay Jinx Cosplay Jinx Cosplay

Jinx Cosplay 2

Jinx: 山崎炸毛

Jinx the Junior: 七轮是个好阿腿

Photographer: SyuuJi修司

Source: Weibo

Jinx CosplayJinx Cosplay

Arcane Cosplay

Silco: 小小白

Jinx: 小柔SeeU

Photographer: MirrorStudio風牙

Source: Weibo

Arcane CosplayArcane Cosplay

Jinx Cosplay 3

Jinx: Donna

Source: Twitter

Jinx CosplayJinx Cosplay