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Chinese Mobile Games Dominate Overseas Markets in November

By Xueyang
Dec. 15, 2023 updated 02:47

Sensor Tower's latest data reveals the November 2023 rankings for Chinese mobile games in overseas markets, showing notable performances:

November Top Grossing Mobile Games RankingNovember Top Grossing Mobile Games Ranking

Top Grossing Mobile Games:

  • "Genshin Impact" surged with its 4.2 update, "Masquerade of the Guilty." November's overseas revenue jumped 41%, retaking the top spot in both revenue and growth charts. Japan witnessed a remarkable 74% revenue increase.

  • "Whiteout Survival," themed around ice and snow and by Century Games, achieved a record-breaking month. November saw a 5% revenue boost and a 16% increase in downloads, securing third place in revenue and sixteenth in downloads. Impressively, it sustained nine consecutive months of revenue growth.

  • "Arknights" roared back with the "Lone Trail" event, posting a 240% revenue spike in November, ranking eleventh in revenue and second in growth.

  • "Mahjong Soul" dominated Japan, achieving first place on Japan's iPhone bestseller list. Overseas revenue soared by 352%, reclaiming twenty-sixth in revenue and third in growth. Yostar Network's revenue grew by 65.7%, securing the tenth position among publishers.

  • "Reverse: 1999" by Bluepoch saw a 151% overseas revenue increase in November. It entered the revenue chart at twenty-fifth and secured fourth in growth.

November Top Growing Mobile Games RankingNovember Top Growing Mobile Games Ranking

Top Growing Mobile Games:

  • NetEase's racing game, "Racing Master," enjoyed a 170% overseas revenue boost since October, ranking fifth in growth and becoming the fastest-growing game in several markets.

  • "KARIZ" topped Japan's iPhone game downloads, with overseas revenue nearly five times that of October, securing the sixth spot in growth.

  • "Era of Conquest" officially launched in multiple markets, earning seven in growth with November's overseas revenue five times that of October.

  • Several debutants entered the growth chart in November, including Solotopia's "Alice's Dream: Merge Island," Cedar Technology HK's "New The Eagle-Shooting Heroes," FirstFun's "Last War: Survival Game," Dodjoy HK's "Doodle Magic: Wizard vs. Slime," and Qingci Games' "Cardcaptor Sakura: Memory Keys."

November Top Downloaded Mobile Games RankingNovember Top Downloaded Mobile Games Ranking

Top Downloaded Mobile Games:

  • "PUBG Mobile" maintained its lead in downloads for the second consecutive month.

  • "Project Makeover" by Magic Tavern secured the third spot in downloads, with a 24% month-over-month increase.

  • NetEase's tactical competitive game, "Blood Strike," entered the downloads chart for the first time, with a 90% increase in overseas downloads.

  • Sims Puzzle Games' "Camera Clash: Monster Blade" made its downloads chart debut at the eleventh spot in Southeast Asian markets.

These rankings underscore the continued success of Chinese mobile games in overseas markets, emphasizing their global appeal and innovative gameplay. Chinese developers are positioned for further international success as these titles gain traction worldwide.

Source: Sensor Tower