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Tencent Quietly Disbands "AAA Multiplayer" Developer Team Kaiju

By Xueyang
Dec. 18, 2023 updated 09:13

Tencent Quietly Disbands "AAA Multiplayer" Developer Team KaijuTencent Quietly Disbands "AAA Multiplayer" Developer Team Kaiju

Tencent has reportedly closed the doors of Team Kaiju, a gaming studio under the TiMi Studio Group umbrella, known for its work on an AAA multiplayer title. The shutdown of the studio was not officially announced but was instead inferred from a LinkedIn post by a former employee, who pointed out the inactivity of the studio's website and LinkedIn page.

The developer expressed regret over the closure, stating, "Team Kaiju doesn't appear to exist anymore," lamenting the lack of communication from Tencent and extending well-wishes to the team's talented personnel.

Team Kaiju, once led by industry veterans Scott Warner and Rosi Zagorcheva, had been focused on developing a major multiplayer game. With the departure of Warner in April of the current year and Zagorcheva in April of the previous year, the studio's future had become uncertain.

The closure's timing and reasons remain undisclosed, but it coincides with Tencent's recent trademark application for "Team Jade" in Europe, suggesting a possible rebranding or shift in development strategy. The incident underscores the volatile nature of the gaming industry, even for large entities like Tencent.

Source: Sohu