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Google Settles Antitrust Case for $700M and Pledges Play Store Changes

By Xueyang
Dec. 23, 2023 updated 07:09

Google Settles Antitrust Case for $700M and Pledges Play Store ChangesGoogle Settles Antitrust Case for $700M and Pledges Play Store Changes

Google has reached a 700 million USD settlement with US state attorneys general in an antitrust lawsuit, agreeing to a series of changes to its Play Store practices. The settlement, made public after being concluded in September, addresses concerns that Google unlawfully maintained a monopoly on Android devices through its Play Store.

Key alterations to Google Play include allowing developers to offer alternative billing systems beyond Google's own, which traditionally takes a 30% commission. This move is set to open up more payment options for consumers and developers over the next five years. Google will also promote alternative pricing and billing choices, highlighting competing prices on different apps.

The tech giant has consented to support the installation of third-party apps and stores for seven years and enable certain apps, like Netflix, to inform users of more advantageous pricing directly, without redirecting to external sites. Additionally, Google aims to facilitate sideloading for developers by permitting third-party stores to utilize its API for support.

Of the settlement fund, 629 million USD will be allocated to consumers affected by overpriced apps and in-app purchases, while 71 million USD will cover the states' legal costs and administration fees.

Wilson White, Google's VP of government affairs and public policy, affirmed the settlement underscores Android's commitment to choice and flexibility while ensuring security. This development follows Google's recent antitrust trial loss to Epic Games, which the company plans to contest.