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Seek Eternal Stepping Carefully to Avoid Repercussions

By Cecil Gao
May. 11, 2022 updated 03:49

Just now, Seek Eternal, an indie game with a Chinese immortality theme, has released a statement about whether it will use Steam Workshop.

However, the statement is relatively vague and leaves more questions than answers. In conclusion, the developers are "totally supporting the idea" but "Not developing related functions at this point."

It's not hard to understand the developers' dodgy attitude towards the issue. Another Chinese indie game, Tale of Immortal, was previously review-bombed for not enabling Steam Workshop "to avoid political risks".

And this incident has left a lasting effect.

Seek Eternal's developers said that the game will unconditionally support Steam Workshop-related creations after the official release. The development team also said that one of the motivations for creating the game came from The Elder Scrolls IV, known for its vibrant mods scene, so their attitude towards mods is very positive.

Developers claim that the game will not use the Steam Workshop during its early access because the core code may change drastically. During this phase, mods can struggle to stay compatible and relevant.

 In response to the previous concerns by Tales of Immortal regarding political issues and the Chinese government's video game regulations, Seek Eternal has said it is something they are also concerned with. Still, the development team said they would try to make Steam officials understand the situation, strengthen the audit for Workshop and try to avoid unfriendly political content.

Source: Steam