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Fan-Made 'Portal: Revolution' Mod Launches With New Story and Mechanics

By Xueyang
Jan. 8, 2024 updated 07:16

Portal: Revolution, a highly-anticipated fan-made mod for Portal 2, has been released, offering players over 8 hours of innovative gameplay. This free mod introduces a new story set in the decaying Aperture facility, bridging the narrative between the original Portal and Portal 2.

Portal: Revolution - ScreenshotPortal: Revolution - Screenshot

The mod features over 40 new puzzles that incorporate both novel and familiar mechanics from the Portal universe. These include the resurrected "Pneumatic Diversity Vent," a new laser cube variant, and over 15 puzzles that exclusively use the blue Portal-Gun. Additionally, a Gel Cleansing Field is introduced, adding a fresh layer of complexity to the game's challenges.

Portal: Revolution - ScreenshotPortal: Revolution - Screenshot

Designed to pick up in difficulty where Portal 2 left off, Portal: Revolution is accessible to players of varying skill levels. The mod offers comprehensive guidance on new mechanics and advanced portal tricks, ensuring solvability for all players. The puzzles are designed to be challenging but do not require advanced movement or mid-air portal firing.

Portal: Revolution - ScreenshotPortal: Revolution - Screenshot

In Portal: Revolution, players awaken as a test subject guided by a personality sphere named Stirling, embarking on a mission to restore Aperture. The mod utilizes a modified version of the Portal 2: Community Edition's engine, based on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Source Engine branch. This custom engine allows for enhanced mechanics and experiences not possible in the original game, promising a unique and engaging addition to the Portal series.