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Honor of Kings Announces New KPL Annual Finals With 1M CNY Prize Pool

By Xueyang
Jan. 16, 2024 updated 12:34

Honor of Kings Announces New KPL Annual Finals with a 1M CNY Prize PoolHonor of Kings Announces New KPL Annual Finals With 1M CNY Prize Pool

Honor of Kings, the highly popular mobile game, has taken a significant leap in its competitive scene with the announcement of the new KPL (King Pro League) Annual Finals. The news was shared on Weibo, marking a major update in the 2024 global esports calendar for the game.

The KPL Annual Finals will now stand as the pinnacle event of the year, featuring the highest standards of competition and a staggering prize pool of 100 million CNY. This development indicates a significant investment in the esports aspect of Honor of Kings, underlining its growing prominence in the competitive gaming world.

In addition to the Annual Finals, KPL is also set to form a "Dream Team" to participate in a new international invitational tournament in 2024. This move showcases the league's ambition to expand its international footprint and engage with a broader global audience.

With these exciting developments, fans and players alike are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the competitive journey of Honor of Kings. The introduction of the KPL Annual Finals and the formation of a global-focused team are set to elevate the game's status on the world esports stage, promising thrilling competitions and a showcase of top-tier gaming talent.

Source: Weibo