Genshin Impact Developer is Reportedly Working on a New AAA Title

The LinkedIn page of a miHoYo employee recently gave away a new AAA title that the Genshin Impact developer is working on – although the employee quickly removed the section, the news still spread fast.

(The section in question is no longer available on the employee’s LinkedIn profile)

Genshin Impact has gained immense popularity since it launched last year, and miHoYo has already been working on more titles: One is Honkai: Star Rail, a turn-based RPG in the Honkai series; another is The Kochere Front, which was leaked early due to its registered trademark ‘科契尔前线’; the third is Project X, which was revealed by Nvidia at GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2019. Since Project X is just a code name, it is possible that the Kochere Front and Project X could be the same game.

The miHoYo employee’s LinkedIn profile reportedly said that he is developing a “brand vision for a new IP”, suggesting that the new game will most likely not be the spin-off of the Honkai series.

In connection with the recent industry rumors about Project X, and Nvidia revealing that Project X will support real-time ray tracing, it is difficult not to connect the new AAA project in development with the rumored Project X.

If Project X’s development was started as early as 2019, it may have been developed for about two years. If miHoYo could maintain its consistent development cycle, even with the impact of the pandemic, there is still great hope that Project X will be officially announced next year or the year after, probably the first among the new wave of RPG shooters. 

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