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'Palworld' Launches in Early Access, Surpasses 2M Sales in 24 Hours

By Xueyang
Jan. 21, 2024 updated 12:27

The much-anticipated "ultimate fusion game," Palworld, has launched in Early Access to rave reviews, crossing an impressive milestone of over 2 million sales within the first 24 hours of its release.

Developed as a multiplayer, open-world survival and crafting game, Palworld offers a unique blend of experiences. Players enter a world where they can either coexist peacefully with mysterious creatures known as Pals or engage in more perilous activities, such as combating a ruthless poaching syndicate.

Palworld - ScreenshotPalworld - Screenshot

The game's versatility allows Pals to be used for various purposes, including fighting, working on farms, and even in factories. One of the game's more controversial features includes the option to sell or consume these creatures for survival.

Set in a harsh environment with scarce resources and dangerous poachers, Palworld challenges players to make tough choices for survival. It offers a range of activities from exploring diverse terrains on land, sea, and air using Pals as mounts, to building structures, farming, and automating production through factories.

Palworld - ScreenshotPalworld - Screenshot

The game also features dungeon exploration, breeding and genetics for creating powerful Pals, and engaging in poaching activities within wildlife sanctuaries.

With multiplayer support, players can invite friends for cooperative play or engage in battles and trade Pals. The online co-op mode supports up to 4 players, with a dedicated server allowing up to 32 players. Future updates are expected to introduce PvP and increase server capacity.

Palworld - ScreenshotPalworld - Screenshot

Palworld's record-breaking launch marks a significant success in the indie gaming industry, offering players an innovative and immersive gaming experience.