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Game Pass Won't Have Visions Of Mana

By Xueyang
Feb. 1, 2024 updated 03:11

Game Pass Won't Have Visions Of ManaGame Pass Won't Have Visions Of Mana

Microsoft has officially announced that Square Enix's upcoming RPG, Visions of Mana, will not be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. This clarification comes after speculative language on the Xbox website led many to believe the game would be a day-one addition to the subscription service.

A spokesperson for Microsoft addressed the confusion in a statement to Eurogamer, acknowledging the misleading information as an error and confirming that there are no current plans to include Visions of Mana in the Game Pass lineup. "While we continuously seek to enhance the Game Pass library, Visions of Mana is not slated to join the service at this time," the spokesperson explained.

Although there remains a chance that Visions of Mana might join Game Pass in the future, subscribers should not anticipate its immediate release on the platform. The game is scheduled for a Summer 2024 release across PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and PC. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to expand Game Pass with new features and titles.

Source: GameSpot