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Pocketpair's Palworld Server Costs Could Threaten Bankruptcy?

By Xueyang
Feb. 6, 2024 updated 12:09

Pocketpair, the developers behind the sensational hit Palworld, is incurring a hefty monthly expense of approximately 378,000 GBP (500,000 USD) to ensure the game's servers remain uninterrupted. CEO Takuro Mizobe humorously hinted at the potential financial strain these server costs might impose, suggesting that the company could face bankruptcy due to these hefty fees.

The commitment to providing an uninterrupted gaming experience came straight from Mizobe, who ordered the network team to ensure the game's service "never goes down no matter what." Network engineer Chujo Hiroto confirmed their dedication to maintaining the service, regardless of the cost, to guarantee player satisfaction.

This financial revelation comes as Palworld celebrates surpassing 19 million players across Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms, marking it as the largest third-party launch in Game Pass history. Despite the game's early access challenges, including server capacity issues, Palworld has managed to achieve remarkable sales milestones, including hitting 8 million Steam sales just six days post-launch.

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