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5 News to Pay Attention to about NetEase Connect 2022

By ChOzen
May. 23, 2022 updated 08:00

NetEase Games' Annual Product Launch Event "NetEase Connect 2022" ended with a bang, with exciting news about Justice Mobile, Naraka Bladepoint, Diablo: Immortal, and some brand new titles. Here's a  summary of the things worth noting from this top Chinese tech giant's grande showcase.

1. Diablo: Immortal will be available in China on June 23rd.

The Date of Diablo: Immortal's Open Beta in ChinaThe Date of Diablo: Immortal's Open Beta in China

2. Naraka: Bladepoint announced its next season starting on May 21st and showed a new PV for Takeda Nobutada. The game is also coming to mobile soon and is now open for pre-registration.

The Poster of Naraka: Bladepoint MobileThe Poster of Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile

3. Onmyoji announced an expected collaboration with the animation TV Series GINTAMA.

Collaboration PosterCollaboration Poster

4. Harry Potter Magic Awakened released a new trailer featuring new plotlines and new characters. In addition, the game will also open a peripheral store and collaborate with the fashion designer for "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Harry Potter Magic AwakenedHarry Potter Magic Awakened

5. Open-world MMO-RPG Justice announced a new vocation called "Huang Yu." Justice Mobile also released a new gameplay video showing the actual in-game footage and combat.

The Footage of Justice MobileThe Footage of Justice Mobile