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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Stirred Controversy for Moderating In-Game Names

By Weilin Li
May. 25, 2022 updated 06:26

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened found itself in a controversy after censoring a list of terms.

In the Chinese version, “Avada Kedavra (The Unforgivable Curse)” was changed to “Avada,” leaving out the curse part.

The new moderations also include adjustments to Crucio, a Latin word for torture in the original books. The new name for the spell simply means“heart hurting”.

The update announcement from Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’s Weibo accountThe update announcement from Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’s Bilibili account

Despite the developers not showing all the changes on social media, some players found a long list of censored terms. They “in PVP” was changed to “in Fight Club,” and other erasure or replacement were related to alcohol, social interactions, and activities in the Harry Potter’s wizarding world.

Now, the players were both hurt and annoyed because they thought this showed much disrespect for such a classic and beloved franchise.

Source: Bilibili