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BiliBili's New Open World Martial Arts RPG Has Started Closed Beta Test Today

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 13, 2022 updated 08:45

Today, BiliBili announced that The Matchless Kungfu, an open-world martial arts RPG published by BiliBili games, has passed the Steam playtest and opened its beta test. Unlike most of the previous tests, players need to apply for the download code on the Steam store page to have the opportunity to participate in this closed test.

The Matchless Kungfu creates an authentic world with Kungfu; players can be everyone they've read or seen in martial arts works by choosing their careers, specialties and abilities freely when creating characters. The developers have created a well-designed characters creation system where players can select their abilities with names from classical martial art movies or novels. The game also supports random skills, so you can appreciate the unpredictability of the Kungfu world.

The game uses a strategic turn-based card combat system where players learn martial arts moves that will grow in experience each time they defeat an enemy and eventually unlock more powerful movements. To restore the world of Kungfu, the production team designed numerous NPCs and map scenes with random interactive events. During exploration, players can even learn martial arts' spiritual core with the animals and plants.

The matchless Kungfu's closed beta test will end on June 15; check out more information at Steam.