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TES Won Against WE 2:0, JDG Beat LGD 2:1

By Weilin Li
Jun. 15, 2022 updated 06:03

Two matches were held yesterday in the LPL Summer Split, where TES won against WE 2:0, and JDG beat LGD 2:1.

TES’ esports playersTES’ esports players

In game one of the match between TES and WE, initially, TES knight on Ahri achieved a triple kill. At 28 minutes, WE killed Baron while TES eliminated two champions. Then, 41 minutes in, TES showed a considerable advantage in a team fight near Baron’s pit and secured victory in this round.

In game two, at 15 minutes, TES achieved a triple kill near the mid lane. At 24 minutes, TES killed WE beishang but received a counterattack from WE Biubiu. Then, the high damage of TES’ Ahri helped TES destroy WE’s base.

Between JDG and LGD, in game one of the match, at 31 minutes, LGD aced JDG. Then, two minutes later, LGD aced JDG again, securing victory in this round.

JDG bounced back in game two, and in the decisive last game, at 23 minutes, JDG successfully destroyed the nexus of LGD to win the match.

Team standings of the LPL Summer Split on June 14thTeam standings of the LPL Summer Split on June 14th