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Xbox Has Refunded All the Game Pass Ultimate for Players Who Used The 1 Dollar Glitch

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 17, 2022 updated 04:36

Today, a large number of players found that their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions were canceled and refunded by Microsoft. At the same time, they received two emails showing that the purchased XGP membership was obtained through illegal means, violating Microsoft's service agreement, so the subscription was canceled. The subscription refunds went back onto purchasers’ credit cards. Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft did not ban players who used the glitch.

According to certain gaming communities, all of the players who were refunded did not purchase the Game Pass directly but through third-party merchants on Taobao and other e-commerce platforms. Some of the canceled XGP memberships resulted in a 39 peso refund, and players suspect that it is because third-party merchants were using the 1 dollar glitch for subscriptions in the low-price areas.

An announcement was leaked showing Microsoft requesting all customer services to tell players that they were verifying the situation with Microsoft and not to refund players or explain the details to avoid a massive public outcry.

The screenshot was taken when some player tried to contact customer service on e-commerce platform, and the receptionist forgot to delete part of the pre-written response and accidentally leaked the company's classified internal communications.