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Chinese Indie Game Maker Has Developed The World’s First “Metaverse” Touhou Game

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 20, 2022 updated 07:18

Today, the Chinese indie game developer YEARS has created the Steam store page for their upcoming new “metaverse” Touhou game, The Apocryphal Gensoukyou. This is probably the first Touhou Project game related to the Metaverse after the rise of this industry.

The Apocryphal Gensoukyou tells the story of when the Metaverse, the most popular new industry in the external human world, enters Gensoukyou, the home of monsters. When the chief scientist of Gensoukyou, Nitori Kawashiro, heard about the Metaverse, she immediately designed a set of VR gear and a corresponding game world called The Apocryphal based on the terrain and buildings of the real Gensoukyou.

The Apocryphal has combined all the mysterious technology of the Gensoukyou to create an incomparably real world with all of the finest details of Gensoukyou. According to Nitori, people won’t be able to tell the difference between the real Gensoukyou and The Apocryphal after putting the VR gear on. In the game, players will play as one of the three testers of the VR gear, Patchouli Knowledge, Kirisame Marisa, or Alice Margatroid. However, this metaverse game does not seem to be as simple as the scientist Nitori says; various crises and accidents lay dormant in the darkness between the virtual and real worlds, waiting for the players to step in.

As of now, the game does not provide an exact date of release but will be officially launched within 2022, with a full Japanese voice-over and Chinese and Japanese subtitles.