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The Legend of Sword and Fairy Series Developer Releases Demo For Upcoming Horror Game

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 21, 2022 updated 03:45

Today, Softstar Entertainment Inc., a game development studio known for the classic RPG series The Legend of Sword and Fairy, released a demo and two development status screenshots of its new horror game, The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation.

The introduction that Softstar left on the Steam store page with the new screenshots reads: “Hello Freshmen, I have warned you not to open the dormitory door! These Kimodameshi ornament sets were left behind by seniors during the event. This is not an urban myth or a joke. Believe it or not!”

In game graphic of The Bridge CurseGame graphic of The Bridge Curse

Based on the thriller movie, The Bridge Curse, the game is a first-person horror game over the backdrop of supernatural stories being played out in a school. It tells the story of six students who encounter ghosts at the school's "bold test party", along with fear, unease, and youthful humor.

As of now, the game has not announced a specific release date. The first demo has been made available during the Steam Next Fest; check the link here to try it out.