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Crowdfunding For Nine Sols Exceeds 400,000 USD

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 23, 2022 updated 09:02

Independent game production team Red Candle Games announced today that the 2D horizontal scrolling action-adventure game, Nine Sols, which they are developing, has raised more than 400,000 USD in crowdfunding. The studio also noted that they would add several different endings to the game.

Free demo Red Candle released during Steam Next FestFree demo Red Candle released during Steam Next Fest

Nine Sols is a 2D scrolling action-adventure game that combines Taoism, science fiction and ancient mythology. The game emphasizes blocking and dodging and fast-paced battles with a unique “Daoist punk” world-building to create a unique hand-painted world.

According to Red Candle Games, Nine Sols has successfully reached the 400,000 USD crowdfunding goal in time, and Red Candle will add multiple endings that bring players a more complete and fascinating story.

Nine Sols is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2023, and the demo of the game is currently available on Steam for the Steam Next Fest.

Source: Steam